Child of the profession (his father is owner of a thriving glass-works), Giuseppe Cogliati, even though he has a specific task inside the family company, decides to try his adventure to express and realize his projects. It's 1966 when VETRARIA COGLIATI is founded.

The first company, earliest 60' Working hardly, as the people of Brianza can do, he soon imposes his presence on the market with some special and exclusive processing. A flower in his button-hole was the vertical furnace for tempered glass, one of the first in Italy. In 1971 he has the intuition that double glazing glass can have a big success in the building trade. Even though it is not used on an industrial scale yet, he prepares the best production system at that moment, to be able to present himself to the market with a right product for the new image. Since then, there have been many important achievements in the building field, besides the historical production for furnishing.

The old cases warehouse, end 60' In 1981, the old factory is expanded by new buildings alongside, with the most modern technologies. In 1986, all the obsolete technologies are replaced by automated systems: the glass cutting line, the double glazing glass machines as well as the grinding line. Thanks to these improvements, the company obtains the Seal of Quality for insulating glazing glass.

The nineties come and Vetraria Cogliati improves some processing techniques, introducing some numerically controlled work systems regarding the grinding line as well as the glass lifting and moving system.First vertical furnace for tempered glass, earliest 70'The specific knowledge Vetraria Cogliati has in this field allows it to enter in the refrigeration industry, beside the still stronger production for furnishing. At the same time the company forms a partnership with other operators in the field to manage a new horizontal furnace for tempered glass. This furnace has been recently updated, and one of the best lines for laminated glass in Italy has been introduced.

In 2000, the new generation entry, together with the experience of the old one, allows the introduction of the computerized production and working systems. The company comes into the market of bath furnishing with enameled color tops, realizing that the now old fashioned marble top is going to be replaced by the elegant and practical glass top. It invests in machinery for water cutting glass (one of the first in Italy), new machinery for the CN grinding and a varnishing line. After that, it proposes also the washbasin integrated in vanity top, thanks to the introduction of some new gravity furnaces, which guarantee a perfect transparency. The offices inside the factory are restored, as well as the front side of the building, showing a modern image coherent with the operational reality, which wants to express more and more incisively.

After nearly 40 years affirmation in the most important fields of glass-works, they take the decision of creating a personal line of glass furnishing products (considering the long and positive experience with the family showroom since the middle of 70'). The designer Giuseppe Viganò is asked to realize an innovative and internationally appropriate collection. In 2005 the trade mark Cogliati ... Cogliati vetro e design is founded: the aim is to confirm the continuity of the company in a modern initiative, beside the now historical one.